CSR Tools

The CSR Toolkit software will put your CSR activities into the framework of ISO 26000 and guide you to a professional, strategic approach. This software is made to touch all the aspects of impacts an organisation has on society and answer the expectations of stakeholders.

The Toolkit Allows You To :

  • We are experts in CSR, we advise our clients on sustainability & CSR apart from providing world class training and education.
  • Our aim is to educate, guide and enlighten the concept of corporate social responsibility in India, and we do that in three ways: Educating, Advising and Publishing.
  • We working with public as well as private sector by offering strategies and plans that focus on social and environmental aspects while offering the business an opportunity to share with People, Planet & Society.
  • ICSSR has till date trained more than 5000 executives across 21 countries and certified over 200 CSR practitioners.

For more information or trial version, please write to us : dm@iccsr.org