Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword. Businesses around the world are realizing benefits from embedding sustainability in their operations. At ICCSR, we have designed a range of services to assist businesses in their sustainability journey. Our network of global advisors brings unparalleled expertise in implementation of sustainability.

ICCSR offers tailor-made services based on globally accepted standards in order to enable your business to realize the benefits of sustainability.

Sustainability & Climate Change Advisory

  • Baseline Studies
  • Benchmarking CSR Practices
  • Climate Change Knowledge Documents
  • Climate Change and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Carbon Foot Printing
  • Water Foot Printing

Sustainability Strategy Advisory

  • Sustainability Benchmark
  • Baseline & Need Assessment Study
  • Sustainability Strategy Development
  • ISO 26000 Strategy And Implementation
  • Stakeholder Engagement (AA 1000, ISO 26000)
  • Capacity Building
  • Materiality Assessment
  • Gap Analysis

Sustainability Reporting Advisory

  • Implementing Key Performance Indicators At Plant Level And Corporate
  • Sustainability Reporting - GRI G4, SEBI BRR, ISO 26000, A1000, UN Global Compact
  • Sustainability Report Review And Verification

Development Advisory

  • CSR Labels
  • CSR Benchmarking
  • CSR Program Developments
  • Baseline& Needs Assessment Studies
  • Impact Assessment Studies
  • CSR Policy Formulation

POSH (prevention of sexual harassment at workplace)

  • Prevention of Sexual Harassment at workplace. At ICCSR we are providing with training and awareness on POSH for organisations.

SA8000 (social accountibility 8000)

  • SA 8000 is worldwide accepted standard on social accountability performed by an organisation.
  • At ICCSR, we do consultancy, documentation, training, audit and certification under SA 8000 standard for organisations across the country.

MHM (Menstrual hygiene management)

  • At ICCSR, We have pioneered in MHM awareness, project implementation and impacting lives of girls and women in rural India.

Advertisement and advertorials in CSR Today

  • CSR Today was the first magazine only on CSR activities and CSR communications.
  • Organisation practising CSR must communicate their impact to the world readers through CSR Today in advertorial section. We also take advertisement for CSR today from organisations.

ISO 26000

  • ISO 26000 is the guidelines to ensure corporate social responsibilities are performed by any organisation in line with the standard guidelines of global practices and in a sustainable way.
  • At ICCSR, we do consultancy, documentation, training, audit and compliance certification under ISO 26000 standard for organisations across the country.


  • As per company’s act 2013, Section 135, Corporate Social Responsibility is mandate for organisations meeting parameters as per the act.
  • At ICCSR, we do CSR strategic planning, Budgeting, Training, Awareness, Project selection, Baseline survey, Need Assessment, implementing agency selection, Project Execution, Monitoring, Reporting and impact analysis.