Education & Training

The sheer magnitude of work to be done in CSR space across private sector companies, public sector undertakings, government bodies and government itself is overwhelming. ICCSR has till date has trained more than 10000 professionals across 21 countries and certified over 200 CSR practioners.

It includes understanding the economic and social sustainability for the optimal allocation of resources. According to the research done by the ICCSR, results of the Indian Centre for CSR, a majority of Indian companies believe that the development of a CSR strategy can deliver real business benefits and growth so as to make them realize that few companies can only sustain their competitive advantages by adding and understanding the concept of social returns along with financial returns.

  • 1 & 2 Day Conferences And Seminars
  • Sector Specific Customised Training Program
  • One day CSR strategic training
  • One day POSH training,
  • SA 8000 training
  • 3 months certification course on CSR
  • One day training on CSR & ISO 26000
  • CSR Training
  • EDP On CSR
  • ISO 26000 - Social Responsibility
  • Effective CSR Communication Strategies
  • Strategies for NGOs to become Income-Generating Enterprises
  • The Fundamentals of CSR and Companies act impact on CSR policies

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