ICCSR brings to you a monthly update on the contemporary topics on CSR and an overview of global best practices to Indian audience through India's first Corporate Social Responsibility Magazine, CSR Today. The Business's today needs to be measured in Social Returns together with financial returns. The Primary Aim of CSR is to create a "WOW" effect on the stake-holders of Corporates, without compromising on Top-line and Bottom-line Growth.

Today, CSR practitioners in India are confused and have a Misplaced Notion that the Philanthropy and Charities are Great CSR Activities. Accordingly we have a Task cut out and a job to make everyone be aware that CSR, if used well, mitigates the Business Risk and in fact ensures a Healthy survival of the Corporates…and Neglect of which not only relegates one to be perceived as a Bad Corporate Citizen but also has the potential to close down the Businesses.

CSR Today tries to bridge knowledge gap by Assimilation and Dissemination of Knowledge and Research in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility for Indian Companies.

The magazine will cover articles and research on topics such as Stakeholder Engagement, Governance & Regulation, Communications & Reporting, Environment, Supply Chains, Business ethics, Socially Responsible investing and Sustainability.

CSR Today” is circulated to all CSR Stakeholders such as Governments, NGOs, citizens and corporates, Trade & Industry Bodies, Global institutes and universities, World Policy Centres, Multilateral Agencies and all Foreign Consulates in India, their Mission and Commercial wings.

The magazine is distributed to Prime Ministers, Ministers, Top Bureaucrats, Chairman, CEO, CSR Heads of MNCs and Indian Companies, Ministries, foreign embassies in India and Indian embassies abroad, UN Bodies, Global Stock Exchanges, University and Business Schools, NGOs GRIs, World Bank, UNDP, UNEP, ADB, Policy Research Institutes. And most of the Trade and Industry Bodies all over the Globe.

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